Numba 0.54.0 RC2 and llvmlite v0.37.0 RC2

Dear all,

on behalf of the Numba community I am super excited to announce the immediate availability of the second round of release candidates: Numba 0.54.0 RC2 and llvmlite 0.37.0 RC2! In addition to the availability of wheels from PyPi (now also available for aarch64/RaspberryPi) the NumPy version number is now clamped at 1.20.* for stability purposes and the lineinfo emission for debugging purposes has been fixed.

For details, please refer to the change-logs at: Numba 0.54.0 RC2 release notes. and llvmlite v0.37.0 RC2 release notes .

Conda packages can be installed from the numba channel on with conda :

conda install -c numba numba=0.54.0rc2


conda install -c numba llvmlite=v0.37.0rc2

Binary wheels are available from PyPi as pre-releases. You should be able to install them with:

pip install --pre numba


pip install --pre llvmlite

If you have time and inclination, please do test these release candidates with your own libraries and tools and report back any issues you may encounter! Especially folks with a RaspberryPi are encouraged to try the wheels!

Thank you again to all contributors for helping to improve Numba!

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I’ve tested the wheels on a Jetson AGX Xavier (Aaarch64 + Volta GPU) and get no unexpected fails (just some CUDA fails that we know about on the Jetson already, CUDA: Skip IPC tests on ARM by gmarkall · Pull Request #7189 · numba/numba · GitHub and CUDA: Fix test_pinned on Jetson by gmarkall · Pull Request #7190 · numba/numba · GitHub), and the installation worked as expected.

So - AArch64 wheels are looking good to me.

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I can confirm that the conda-packged 0.54RC2 is good with most RAPIDS libraries (cuDF, cuML, cuGraph, cuSpatial) - I’m yet to test with cuSignal, but will be checking that next.

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cuSignal also seems to be fine with Numba 0.54RC2.

It has some integration with dask also?

Not explicitly no. But, you can of course use Dask to run Nuba accelerated functions, the Dask project even has an example page here: Stencil Computations with Numba — Dask Examples documentation

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