Numba 0.52.0 and llvmlite 0.35.0 Release Candidates

Hi all,

We have tagged Numba 0.52.0rc1 and llvmlite 0.35.0rc1. Their change logs are at:

Unfortunately, we have already discovered a few minor issues, details at We are planning to quickly release a RC2 build next week. After that, we will invite the boarder community to test. As mentioned before in our public meeting, we are switching to a longer RC period so that downstream projects have enough time to help us verify and test for regressions.

@sklam pypi builds for 0.52rc2? also llvmlite 0.35 build is missing

RC2 was tagged very recently and the builds are slowly coming out of the farm (there’s often tens of test combinations for each package, it takes a while), once done they’ll be announced here. Most of the conda packages are done already:

these get built first as they provide an easy mechanism to test the numerous combinations of Python x NumPy x features.

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The farm is done with all the builds. The conda packages are available in the numba channel; e.g. conda install -c numba=0.52.0rc2. Pip packages are available at and

Please help us test these packages and report any issues at our issue trackers.

Thank you everyone for testing. You have helped us make sure that the final release is smooth and stable.