[ANN] Numba 0.56.2 // llvmlite 0.39.1

Dear all,

I am happy to announce the release of Numba 0.56.2 and llvmlite 0.39.1. This
set of releases adds support for NumPy 1.23 and fixes some regressions and
build issues.

The changelogs can be found at:

Due to a configuration error, the 0.56.1 release was skipped.
Since the issues were detected after tagging a 0.56.2 was released
instead. The tag 0.56.1 exists on the github:numba/numba repository
but no packages shall be published for it on pypi or anaconda.org.

The released packages may be installed with conda using:

  conda install -c numba numba

Or using pip:

  pip install numba

Alternatively, if you only need llvmlite, you may proceed as follows:

  conda install -c numba llvmlite


  pip install llvmlite

Additionally, note that, when using both NumPy 1.23 and SciPy in combination, a
SciPy version 1.9 or greater is recommended. Depending on your platform, you
may need to obtain this version from conda-forge when installing Numba using

For example:

  conda install conda-forge::scipy

Please do try the releases with your applications and/or libraries and report
back any issues you may find. Thank you for using Numba!