[ANN] llvmlite 0.39.0 RC1

Dear all,

on behalf of the Numba crew, I am happy to announce the availability of the llvmlite 0.39.0 RC1 (release candidate 1).

You can install the conda packages using:

conda install -c numba llvmlite==0.39.0rc1

And the wheels using:

pip install -i https://pypi.anaconda.org/numba/label/wheels/simple llvmlite==0.39.0rc1

Unfortunately, due to a size limitation of PyPi the wheels could not be uploaded and are only available on anaconda.org for now. We do expect the final release to be available on PyPi though.

Lastly the release notes are available at: Release Notes — llvmlite 0.39.0rc1-dirty documentation

Please do test the release with your applications and libraries and report back any issues you may encounter here!