[ANN] Numba 0.58.0rc1 and llvmlite 0.41.0rc1

Dear *,

I am happy to announce the immediate availability of the release candidates Numba 0.58.0rc1 and llvmlite 0.41.0rc1. These are the first release candidates for the upcoming major releases of both tools. The final release date depends on the number of issues reported and the time needed to fix them, but if nothing major is found – you can expect them in a week or two.

The release notes can be found at:

To install using conda:

$ conda install -c numba numba=0.58.0rc1 llvmlite=0.41.0rc1

To install using pip:

$ pip install numba==0.58.0rc1 llvmlite==0.41.0rc1

As usual, please do test the artifacts with your given program, library, application, routine, software, applet, prototype, toolkit, middleware, deliverable, algorithm or homework :wink: and report back any errors you encounter to this thread here on discourse.

Thank you and enjoy JIT compiling your code!

cc @RC_Testers


All unit tests are passing for STUMPY here. Thank you for all that you do!

The only thing that I noticed were many repeated warnings for:

NumbaPendingDeprecationWarning: The ‘old_style’ error capturing is deprecated and will be replaced by new_style in a future release.

It’s not clear if these are important or not but they are certainly coming from numba and I’ve never seen them before.

Additionally, in case it might be helpful to others, I just set up a new Github Actions workflow that automatically retrieves the latest numba and llvmlite release candidates and runs the unit tests for STUMPY. This Github Actions workflow is triggered at 9am every day (via cron-job.org HTTP Post request) and can be found here:

So, next time, when there is another RC announcement, I simply need to check the triggered Github Actions workflow and check if:

  1. the RC versions match the ones announced
  2. the unit tests have passed

There is an accompanying script called versions.py that helps retrieve the RC version for each package:

I hope others may find value in automating this for their projects.

I am updating the deprecation message at Improve the warning message for old_style error capturing deprecation. · numba/numba@8d04ce8 · GitHub as part of patches for rc2. Hopefully it clarifies the message and what extension writers need to do.

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An RC2 release for Numba is published. @RC_Testers, please help test if it is convenient. The main fix in RC2 is the problem with the old_style error capturing deprecation warning. We are aiming to cut the final release next week.

wheels + sdist: numba · PyPI
conda: https://anaconda.org/numba/numba/files?version=0.58.0rc2

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Everything looks good for `STUMPY. All tests are passing