[ANN] llvmlite v0.40.1rc1

Dear *,

I am happy to announce the immediate availability of llvmlite v0.40.1rc1 – this is a release candidate (1) for a patch release to fix some regressions introduced by v0.40.0. You can find the change log at:


To install using conda:

$ conda install -c numba llvmlite=0.40.1rc1

To install using pip:

$ pip install llvmlite==0.40.1rc1

As usual, please do test the artifacts with your given program and/or library and report back any errors you encounter to this thread here on discourse.

Thank you and enjoy JIT compiling your code!

Thanks for this! With regards to numba timing, is numba 0.57.1 waiting on on this release candidate? What’s the general timeline you expect for 0.57.1? (days, weeks, months?)

Thank you for asking about this!

Numba 0.57.1rc1 is almost ready for pre-tag testing. I.e. testing what would be tagged, before tagging. I am hoping to get that rc1 out on Monday and the final maybe a week or two later (depending on if and how many more regressions are detected).

You can subscribe here for updates: 0.57.1 rel cherry pick by esc · Pull Request #9003 · numba/numba · GitHub

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Ping @RC_Testers – some artifacts for you to test.

I’ve tested with cuDF branch-23.08 in conjunction with Numba 0.57.1rc1 and all appears well.