[ANN] llvmlite v0.38.0 RC1

I am happy to announce the immediate availability of llvmlite version v0.38.0 RC1 for testing!

The release notes are here: Release Notes — llvmlite 0.38.0rc1-dirty documentation

And you can install the release candidate with:

conda install -c numba llvmlite


pip install --pre llvmlite

Enjoy, please test the release and report back any issues you may discover, thank you!

This seems to be fine on Ubuntu 18.04 on AArch64 - I have installed it and run the test suite, and all tests pass. I cannot exercise it with Numba due to Numba 0.55.0 RC1 - #2 by gmarkall but llvmlite is not affected by the same issue.

The 0.38.0 RC1 issue on Github is now closed:

The next question is: do we do an RC2 or go straight to FINAL. AFAICT there are no release-critical bugs reported so we could go straight to FINAL.