[ANN] Numba 0.58.0 and llvmlite 0.41.0

Dear *,

I am thrilled to inform you, that the releases Numba 0.58.0 and llvmlite 0.41.0 have been published!! :rocket:These are two exciting releases with many new features and bug fixes. A big THANK YOU goes out to all of our contributors and our great community โ€“ none of this would be possible without you! :pray:

The release notes can be found at:



To install using conda:

$ conda install -c numba numba=0.58.0 llvmlite=0.41.0

To install using pip:

$ pip install numba==0.58.0 llvmlite==0.41.0

Thank you and enjoy JIT-compiling yourโ€ฆ segfault! :sunglasses: