Numba behavior in frozen applications

I use Numba for array processing in an open-source research application that I’ve built.

I’ve found that when I build my application from the terminal, Numba-based processes are much faster than they are than when the application is frozen and opened (macOS, pyinstaller==0.4.8).

When I originally built the application, I was using numba==0.53.1. The effect wasn’t as prominent then, but especially with the past two updates (0.54.1 and 0.55.0), I notice it more.

Is this a known issue? Is there some command that I need to be running with pyinstaller to make sure that the speed improvements carry over after freezing?

FWIW, I’m building the app with only --clean and --windowed commands (aside from my add-data lines).

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.