Numba Activity Newsletter, January 2024

The development of Numba projects is spread across a lot of different places, github, public meeting discussions, posts on this forum, posts on other discussion forums, maintainer meetings, collaborations with other projects, just to name a few. To help keep the Numba community informed, the Numba organisation is going to trial the publication of a monthly “newsletter” so as to provide an easy to consume digest, below is the first edition! Let us know what you think, as always your feedback is welcome.

Numba Activity Newsletter, January 2024.

Editor for this month: @stuartarchibald.

What happened:

  • Numba 0.59.0rc1 and llvmlite 0.42.0rc1 completed their testing periods, a few issues were found and fixed. Numba 0.59.0 and llvmlite 0.42.0 were then released! This is the first release with Python 3.12 support, release information is in this post [ANN] Numba 0.59.0 and llvmlite 0.42.0. Many thanks to all those who contributed patches, reported issues and helped with testing.
  • The Numba organisation has switched away from weekly public meetings to instead have a development meeting on the first Tuesday of the month and “office hours” on all other Tuesdays. Calendar details are in this post Weekly Public Meeting changes. Office hours and Jitsi. Office hours are to provide unstructured time where anyone is welcome to show up and ask pretty much anything Numba related, including asking maintainers for help/advice on your projects!
  • NumPy considered and then altered some functions for NumPy 2.0 so that the return type is a tuple (opposed to a list), which makes it possible for Numba to support them. However, after further consideration, this may create some unnecessary restrictions for the np.*split functions and so a partial revert is planned. See NumPy PR #25570.
  • Support for dynamic gufuncs with the parallel target was scheduled for landing in Numba 0.60.0 Support parallel dynamic gufuncs by guilhermeleobas · Pull Request #9377 · numba/numba · GitHub.
  • Numba user @itamarst showcased a new GDB based line-profiler, for profiling Numba JIT compiled code. The announcement is in this post [ANN] Profila, a line profiler for Numba (initial release) along with a request for feedback.


Coming up this month (February 2024):

  • The Numba organisation will be running a user survey to help inform future development direction and to gather feedback in general. Watch out for the link when it is posted on discourse and social media channels. As always, your feedback really matters, it’ll take about 5-10 minutes to complete, so please do fill it in!
  • Hopefully a fix for Numba’s cProfile support on Python 3.12. cProfile works with Numba on Python 3.12, it’s just missing an identifying frame in the stack.
  • The first changes towards supporting NumPy 2.0 will appear on the feature/np2 branch on the main Numba fork.
  • An upgrade of llvmlite (and Numba) to use LLVM 15 will start. LLVM 15 IR uses opaque pointers, as a result it is likely that this will be a large change.
  • Numba’s new AOT compiler project will have its first commits!

Meeting/FPOC schedule for this month (February 2024):

  • Public meeting: 2024-02-06

  • Office hours: 2024-02-13, 2024-02-20, 2024-02-27

  • FPOC (first port of call) duty rota, this is the maintainer who will respond to tickets/issues/PRs during the noted week and run the office hours/public meeting at the end of the week:

Thanks for reading!


Just wanted to say that the newsletter format is really appreciated.
I’m looking forward to the new AOT capabilities, and this will make it much easier to keep track of progress.

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