Weekly Public Meeting changes. Office hours and Jitsi

Weekly meeting changes. New format and meeting link (Updated on Feb 27: EU office hours)

Meeting schedule each Month:

  • 1st week: Developer meeting on Tuesday
  • 2nd week: Office hours on Tuesday
  • 3rd week: EU Office hours on Wednesday
  • 4th week: Office hours on Tuesday

(Update Feb 27: added EU office hours at 12pm GMT)

Our experiment with the “office hours” format and Jitsi as the conferencing software was very successful. We decided to start adopting them from now on. Starting in February, the first Tue meeting of each month will be for regular developer meetings. On other weeks, we will have office hours.

  • Developer meetings will be for presentations, in-depth discussions and project planning.
  • Office hours will not have any agenda. Numba developers will be hanging out at the meeting room for an hour for the community to come ask questions or for new contributors and users to find guidance. (Update Feb 27: EU office hours) Every third Wednesday each month the office hours will happen at 12pm GMT to better serve people in the + timezones.

As usual, you can find details about the event on our Google calender .

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Updated to mention EU office hours every third Wednesday of the month at 12pm GMT. First EU office hour will happen on March 20th, 2024.

This schedule has a bug, since one month could have 5 Tuesdays like April.
Not sure if the 5th Tuesday will have a meet or not.

You are right. Calendar is hard :sweat_smile:. We decided to update the schedule again. Here’s the summary:

  • Revert back to meeting only on Tuesday. EU office hour is cancelled since it is not popular enough.
  • First Tue of each month is dev meeting. All others are office hours.