Numba 0.54.0 RC3

Numba 0.54.0 RC3 is now available for testing. There are no new RC release for llvmlite this time. Important changes in the compiler includes:

  • #7223 avoids terminating of compilation due to overly strict internal IR checks. These checks will now report problems as warnings so downstream libraries and users can control how these warnings should be handled.
  • #7267 fixes a compiler regression with multiply defined variables within a single block.

For details, please refer to the 0.54.0rc3 change-log diff to see the list of patches.

Conda packages can be installed from the numba channel on with conda :

conda install -c numba numba=0.54.0rc3

Binary wheels are available from PyPi as pre-releases. You should be able to install them with:

pip install --pre numba

If you have spare cycles, I’d encourage you to help us test Numba 0.54.0 RC3 on your code and report any issue you may encounter.

Thank you again to all contributors for helping to improve Numba!

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@leriomaggio, @ryanchien, @seanlaw, @astrojuanlu, @AlexanderUp, @luk-f-a, @Hannes, @ehsantn

I’m pinging you because you participated in RC testing in our last releases. If time allows, please help us test Numba 0.54.0rc3.

If you wish to receive notification about RC in the future, please join the @RC_Testers group at Rc testers - Numba Discussion. There’s no obligation by joining. The group is for notification only :bell: .


@sklam I will try to find some time this week to test it!

Testing poliastro with numba 0.54.0rc3 :rocket: Test numba == 0.54.0rc3 by astrojuanlu · Pull Request #1301 · poliastro/poliastro · GitHub

All tests passing :heavy_check_mark: (and this is to fill the body)

I have been running all my work on RC2 since it came out with no issues, will update to RC3 and see if anything starts smoking (but still no real “reproducible” test suite on my side unfortunately)

I ran rc3 at work and all tests passed. Small time improvements in most tests, but there is a weird 20% increase in time for one of the tests (5min to 6min, not some milliseconds noise). I’ll report back if I find out what the problem is.

@sklam I tested using llvmlite 0.37.0rc2 and numba 0.54.0rc3 Python 3.9 for STUMPY and all tests have passed (both CPU and GPU code)

@sklam All tests are passing with numba 0.54.0rc3 for Bodo. Thanks!

@sklam I’m back in office on 8/23 and will test asap. Thanks!

All tests pass in RBC

Thank you everyone for testing! It gives a lot of confidence that the 0.54.0 release branch is stable. We will be proceeding to release the final versions soon.