Numba Usage and Documentation

Hello! I am a new Numba user and wanted to say Hi
Also I wanted to understand a few things about the Numba project.

  1. The Numba documentation seems to not have been updated after 2020 (roadmap section). Is the community still active? Is there a roadmap for 2021 and onwards?

  2. Is the community aware of deployments of Numba in production? Which firms are currently using Numba and contributing to the project?

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For various reasons, google search comes up with old docs at the top.

try searching ‘numba readthedocs’ for better results.

Numba is under active development (not by me). Numba is widely used in production, maybe someone else knows of a list of company names. There is a showcase of some projects here and there’s a twitter thread and an active gitter out there as well.