Introducing numbakit-anjit

I am happy to introduce numbakit-anjit (nbkanjit), a package that provides:

  1. anjit, an annotation aware njit decorator.
  2. JitManager a class to predefine and use njit / anjit options.

I understand that using function annotations for jit has been discussed already, in particular how python types should be mapped to numba types. There is no one solution for this, so we allow the user to configure it.

Regarding JitManager, I was looking for a way to customize some njit options with the right granularity, just in between global variables (which impact the whole project and all projects involving numba) and individually tweaking every njit call. With JitManager it is easy to have one (or many) configurations per project.

You can take a look: GitHub - hgrecco/numbakit-anjit: Annotation aware numba njit

There are still things to do, like translating typing containers to numba ones, but this early version is already functional.