Hashing an array

Maybe there’s an obvious way to do this that I’m unaware of. The following:

from numba import njit
import numpy as np

def my_hash(x):
    return hash(bytes(x))

x = np.random.random(10)

fails with

No implementation of function Function(<class 'bytes'>) found for signature:
 >>> bytes(array(float64, 1d, C))

but works with the @njit decorator removed.

Or, does the bytes function need implementing for arrays?

(I note someone else asked about something similar in the past, but the question was perhaps misunderstood: How to hash bool numpy array in nopython mode?)

(cc @PhilipVinc)

I just found access to np.array data / tobytes etc · Issue #5149 · numba/numba · GitHub in the issue tracker, requesting support for converting arrays to bytes.