[ANN] numba-rvsdg 0.0.2

Dear *,

Numba is starting to move away from old-school Control Flow Graph (CFG) based Intermediary Representation (IR) to the shiny new Regionalized Value State Dependence Graph (RVSDG) IR.

To this end, I am thrilled to announce that a developer preview for our new library numba-rvsdg (in version 0.0.2) has just been released. Everything is still a bit rough around the edges and the API is subject to change without prior notice, BUT we do have “Python Bytecode → Structured Control Flow Graph (SCFG)” implemented. As with all compiler projects – especially nascent ones – the following mantras apply: “'ere be dragons!” and… “Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV)”. :sunglasses:

So, If you are feeling ambitious, you can install it using:

pip install numba-rvsdg

Or, browse the Project on GitHub and the official Documentation on RTD..

Please feel free to comment on this thread or submit any snags or questions you have to the issue tracker on GitHub.

Have a lot of fun!