[ANN] Numba 0.60.0rc1 / llvmlite 0.43.0rc1

Dear community,

I am happy to announce that the release candidates Numba 0.60.0rc1 and llvmlite 043.0rc1 have been posted. Importantly the Numba RC comes with support for NumPy 2 (see below) and the llvmlite RC comes with support for LLVM 15.

You can install both using conda with the following command:

$ conda install -c numba numba=0.60.0rc1

or just llvmlite:

$ conda install -c numba llvmlite=0.43.0rc1

Alternatively using pip to install from PyPI:

$ pip install numba==0.60.0rc1

or just llvmlite:

$ pip install llvmlite==0.43.0rc1

Note that the above will install with a NumPy 1.x version.

Numba is now binary compatible with NumPy 2 – but importantly, does not yet have the same execution semantics! If you want to install the release candidate and a beta version of NumPy 2, you can use the following commands such that a NumPy 2 should be installed:

$ conda install -c numba -c ad-testing/label/numpy2 numba=0.60.rc1
$ pip install --pre numba==0.60.0rc1

For more information about these releases, the release notes can be found at:


Please do test the release candidates with your libraries and applications and report back any issues you encounter in the thread below. :point_down:

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:point_up: ping @RC_Testers :point_up:

All tests are passing for STUMPY!

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@seanlaw awesome, thank you for testing, much appreciated! :pray:

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All tests pass cleanly on librosa! (numpy1 version)