Ubuntu 22.04 fresh install with conda/numba does not see GPU

I had no luck with the latest Cuda 12 (or 12.1). I used it with the latest kernel for Ubuntu (5.19.0-35-generic).
I cleaned anything NVIDIA from my system and switched to Nouveau driver.
Once I downgraded the kernel (Linux 5.15.0-46-generic x86_64) and used downgraded driver (Driver Version: 515.86.01 CUDA Version: 11.7 ), reinstalled Anaconda things started to work. There is something wrong with the latest release from Nvidia. I do not feel I know enough to try to track it down.

I am still running Ubuntu 22.04.02. So the system has just the downgraded kernel and driver which I pinned so it is not changed.

One more thing I should add: I did not bother to download anything from Nvidia. I relay on Anaconda configuration only.

Can you suggest what is the best way to install OpenCV? This is the last thing I am struggling with.
I am not getting results I expected …ie. my test program does not see cv

You showed me how to configure anaconda to contain specific components. This helped me with my experiments. Sometimes little things which are obvious to you are great help to newbies!

Hi. I’m also encountering the same problem. May I know how did you changed your kernel in Ubuntu?

Update: I’ve fixed my problem by disabling secure boot.

Considering your fix I am under impression my fix is accomplishing exactly what you did but in a very indirect and confusing way.

So for anybody who encounters this issue:
Disable Secure Boot first, before trying anything else.