Public Numba Dev Meeting, Tuesday July 14 2020

Hi all,

The upcoming Public Numba Dev meeting is on July 14th at 10:30 US central time. You can find instructions on how to join in the event details on this google calender. (Tips: adding it to your own calendar will convert the time to your timezone.)

We want to have a more defined agenda this time. So here’s are some topics that we can have:

  1. Discourse feedback. We started this Discourse forum as an action item from the last meeting and we want to gather any feedback on it.
  2. Daily task of maintainers: Short presentation from maintainers on maintaining Numba.
  3. Themed discussion (perhaps one or two topics per meeting):
    Some topic suggestions:
    • How can error messages be improved, what do different user groups need?
    • What sort of metrics would it be good for Numba to produce? (compilation, runtime etc)
    • What extra guidance/tutorial materials would be good to have?
    • What’s “the one missing feature” that you really want?!
    • Where should Numba be in 5 years time?
    • <topics suggested by users>

Feel free to discuss which topic(s) to talk about, or indeed suggest new ones in the thread, topic selection will be based on popularity.

Hope to see you there!

I think these two topics can help us understands the needs and interests of the community better.

hi there! I agree with @ehsantn about those two topics.

The metrics question is also interesting, but it could be discussed on Discourse too.


I’m bummed that I missed this announcement. Is there a plan for a standing public meeting, or was this a one-off of the closed meeting?

I think the current intention is to have one every month now :slight_smile:

The intention is to have an open meeting on a monthly basis, it’s penciled in as “second Tuesday of the Month”, the calendar in the OP should track that.