Numba 0.52.0 and llvmlite 0.35.0 final release

Hi everyone,

Numba 0.52.0 and llvmlite 0.35.0 are now available.

This release contains a few new features, but it’s mainly internals that have changed, with a particular focus on increasing run time performance!

The key changes are showcased in this demo notebook. The CUDA target also gained a lot of new features and @gmarkall has created a demo notebook especially for these!


  • typed.List performance improvements. (Sponsored by Intel)
  • Improved reference-counting pruner that enables more inlining and optimizations. (Sponsored by Intel)
  • CUDA unified memory. (Contributed by NVIDIA)

For details, please refer to the change logs at:

Wheels are in the usual place, and conda packages are in the numba channel:

conda install -c numba numba=0.52.0
conda install -c numba llvmlite=0.35.0