New users cannot write internet-links

Please allow new users like myself to write internet links in our posts here on this forum. It is often useful to give a link to a detailed code-example, doc-pages, or a previous post either here or on GitHub.


Thank you for asking about this. This is a security measure to prevent spammers and malicious links. There are many domains we have whitelisted. If that does not suffice, please feel free to mention any domains we should also consider whitelisting.

Is that really necessary? I think people are able to post whatever links they want on GitHub and I’ve never seen any spam or malicious links.

But as a minimum I suggest you allow new users to write links to other Discourse and GitHub pages. I was only able to do that just now. Previously I could not write any links here.

It was decided during a community meeting. Changing it again would require a new discussion and consensus.

This is also part of Discourse default behavior. There is a trust level thing that once a user has been active for a while link restrictions will be relaxed.

There’s also a list of always allowed domains which contain:

Let us know what if we should add to this list.

Please add the domain to the list of accepted domains that new users are always able to post links to.