How to reference other classes

I need to introduce another class in the code to calculate the obtained result, but can’t I refer to the class in the JIT function? Such as the following code

def extract_block_addresses(txlist):
for tx in txlist:
while True:
raw_tx = ConnRpc.getrawtransaction(tx, True)
print(“retry block”)

Always report this error:AssertionError: Failed in nopython mode pipeline (step: nopython frontend)
<class ‘bitcoinrpc.authproxy.AuthServiceProxy’>

Thank you all for helping me

Hi @xiaoqge,

What you are trying to do is unlikely supported by Numba. If you are new to Numba, perhaps take a look at the 5 minute guide first and/or click one of the Try Now buttons here to open up an interactive Numba demo in your browser, this one demonstrates the basics.

Hope this helps?