Generators with send


I just recently learned that python generators with send method are not supported, for me this is a key feature and is supported in python since at least python 2.7 (possibly before)

For what I see, it should not be too hard to implement, given that generators with next are supported and they are the special case for send(None), so I was wondering if it would be possible to give them support somehow?

I have almost zero low level experience, but I would happily help on everything i can, and also if nobody can jump in, I could try to implement it myself, thought I would appreciate some guidance.

Thanks in advance!

Given that generators in Numba are a bit buggy and the implementation is very complex, I’d caution against attempting to work on this from a starting point of no prior experience working on Numba internals or anything else low-level.

To use Numba, I think the easier path forward will be to modify your code such that it doesn’t rely on the send() method. I realise this might not be easy if it’s a key feature, but even if it’s hard I expect it would be easier than trying to get Numba to support it reliably.