For loop on a generator

I have written this function to iterate over tuples of integers of constant sum, but it doesn’t work when I jit it.
I understand the problem is in the line where there’s a for loop on the generator function itself.

from numba import njit

# @njit
def my_generator(N, k):
    r"""Numba implementation of an iterator over tuples of N integers,
    such that sum(tuple) == k.

        N (int): number of elements in the tuple
        k (int): sum of the elements
        tuple(int): a tuple of N integers
    if N == 1:
        yield (k,)
        for i in range(k+1):
            for j in my_generator(N-1, k-i):
                yield (i,) + j

is there a simple fix?

This works! (in reverse order, but for my application that’s ok)

import numpy as np
from numba import njit

def next_lst(lst, i, reset=False):
    r"""Computes the next list of integers given the current list
    and the current index.
    if lst[i] == 0:
        return next_lst(lst, i+1, reset=True)
        lst[i] -= 1
        lst[i+1] += 1
    if reset:
        lst[0] = np.sum(lst[:i+1])
        lst[1:i+1] = 0
        i = 0
    return lst, i

def generator(N, k):
    r"""Goes through all the lists of integers of constant sum recursively.
    lst = np.zeros(N, dtype=np.int64)
    lst[0] = k
    i = 0
    yield lst
    while lst[-1] < k:
        lst, i = next_lst(lst, i)
        yield lst