Can not install Numba and llvmlite to python 3.11

I want to install numba to use pyOD but I can not download llvmlite and numba to my python 3.11

RuntimeError: Cannot install on Python version 3.11.0; only versions >=3.7,<3.11 are supported.

I get this error every time. I tried to download it using pycharm but it did not work so I used pip and it didn’t work too.

pip install llvmlite

Same errors. I understand that Numba have not update its library to 3.11 for now. Is there any way to install it to 3.11

Welcome to the Numba discourse.

We have not released numba and llvmlite for python3.11. The new python version is requiring massive changes to numba because of how numba is tightly coupled to Python’s bytecode internals. If things go smoothly, we are looking at the end of year to publish a pre-release numba version for folks to try out on python3.11.