`CallInstr` object has no attribute `StrCaching__cached_str`


I am trying to add support for strings into my compiler, and I have the majority of it working. However, my print function, although it works with all the other possible programs (at the moment, this is just numbers) it fails to work with strings, throwing the following error:

My print function is defined using llvmlite as the following, and, as previously mentioned, this works with the numerical components, but not when I ask it to print a string and I am unsure why. Any help is appreciated.

I have added a screenshot of the current print function’s code below, as I am unable to post more than two screenshots in a post at the moment:

Screenshot 2022-06-11 224410

Could you post a executable piece of code that reproduces the issue and can be copy/pasted to demonstrate the problem please? (It’s going to be difficult to help out based only on screenshots of partial examples - if you’re not sure what I’m asking for, this blog post may help: Craft Minimal Bug Reports)

How would I do that in a multi-file project like a compiler? All the files would be needed to actually produce the output, so would it not be (in this case) just as easy to unzip and run the project, since to run even the MWE you would need to unzip it and run it?